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REV 12:11

Pastor Ramel Moore

Co- Founder/Pastor

Pastor Ramel Moore is a coach and a successful serial entrepreneur who wears many hats! His secret? Keeping God first in everything. 

Pastor Shirley Moore


Pastor Shirley Moore was transformed after she was transparent with God! Her transformation to serve Christ is her core success, but she is also a successful serial entrepreneur,mentor and community advocate.

Illy Ramirez

Church Member

From darkness to light. Learn how God has touched Illy's life! Illy wears many hats: wife, mother, business owner, and professional! Learn how God helps her balance it all.

Christina Miranda

Church Member

Christina lives in the Lord's joy! Learn how God empower her to take mission trips to Africa to spread the good news as commissioned!

AJ/Darien's Testimony

AJ/Darien's Testimony

Watch Now


Church Member

These two brothers are passionate about the Lord! Learn how God had touched their lives, and how he continues to do great works in them.

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